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Commercial Leasing

We offer commercial property owners (individual units or shopping centres) all legal services related to the management of their real estate portfolio, including drafting and negotiating leases, rent collection, compliance with restrictive covenants, termination of lease, claim for damages, publication of hypothecs, exercise of hypothecary remedies as well as representation and protection of their rights before the courts.

As business people and commercial tenants ourselves, we have a vision which allows us to appreciate the points of view of each of the parties to a lease. We can advise and guide the commercial tenant in the context of negotiations, analysis, and conclusion of a commercial lease and, if necessary, during the challenge before the courts in defense of an action for recovery of rent and/or termination of a lease.

Construction law

Construction contractors, whether they are involved in building or renovating real estate, know that they must ensure that their rights are protected and that they are paid for their services. We support them both at the denunciation stage, the drafting of contractual clauses and the registration of legal hypothecs and the exercise of mortgage remedies to recover the sums owed to them.

Whether for a new construction or the renovation of a commercial or residential building, it is important that everyone’s expectations and limits are well defined to avoid unpleasant surprises on both sides and therefore, litigation. Cost overruns (“extras”) can also cause issues that need to be addressed upfront.

Buying/selling real estate

Real estate transactions have many facets that can cause difficulties. The promise to purchase contains the conditions of the sale to take place and constitutes a decisive step that creates reciprocal obligations for both the promising seller and the promising buyer as soon as it is signed, hence the importance of consulting a legal expert before signing it.

Easements, rights of way or encroachments may also limit, or conversely, be required, to preserve the value of your property. It is important to understand the extent of it or to plan for it to ensure peace of mind. This also avoids conflicts between neighbors in the short and long term.

Once the sale transaction is completed and the transfer of ownership is made, hidden defects are sometimes discovered. What can be done about said defects? Specific actions must be taken to protect your rights.

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