We plan with you, to ensure the best transition.

Trust our experts to address challenges in resolving conflicts arising from the administration and settlement of an estate.

The lawyers of La Boîte Juridique can provide legal advice to heirs or executors on the rights and obligations related to succession and they can explain the applicable laws, the procedures to be followed and the deadlines to be respected.

With the help of our experts, our team can help you set up an estate plan that maximizes tax benefits.

Our specialists can assist you by providing the essential advice required to facilitate the administration of the estate.

Are you faced with a conflict between the beneficiaries of a will? Do the liquidators not agree on how to administer or dispose of the assets? Our team can advise you and, if necessary, represent you in court and provide any other service aimed at resolving disputes fairly.

Is the appointed liquidator not performing, or poorly performing their task? What if there is reason to believe that someone influenced the testator to gain an advantage in the will? Our team can answer all these questions.

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