Our legal advice promotes harmony in the workplace.

Our legal advice promotes harmony in the workplace.

Labour law is the set of legal norms that govern the relationship between an employer and a worker. It also guarantees compliance with minimum standards in terms of working conditions as well as the protection of human rights and workplace safety.

Our expertise: Resolution of labor disputes between two parties.

Whether it is for the representation of an executive, a senior executive, or an owner who is grappling with a conflict or the possibility of having to resort to dismissal, our team can guide you in the resolution of labor disputes.

Do you need to establish the terms of contracts or termination of employment? Are you thinking of imposing sanctions on an employee who does not perform or poorly performs their work? Is someone not respecting the policies in place? We can advise and support you so that you can ensure compliance with industry standards.

We also offer advice that can facilitate the transition during administrative or corporate restructuring. Our team can ensure all representations before the administrative labor courts and civil courts.

Are you an executive or employee holding a strategic position within the company and fear you have been unjustly dismissed? We can advise and assist you to ensure that your rights are respected.

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