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Business Law Attorneys

Whether you are a partner, shareholder, entrepreneur, consultant or business person, you have rights and obligations under the law and under the contracts you sign with your peers.

Business law also regulates the occasional commercial acts undertaken by non-commercial people. La Boîte Juridique, as a business partner for SMEs, is your one-stop shop for business law.

We represent business people from different sectors of the economy and regularly offer various services to our customers in the following areas:

Accounts Collection

Although the title adequately summarizes the service offered, our legal advisors offer more services than the collection of accounts receivable. They also identify and suggest the adoption of means or internal practices to prevent or at least reduce overdue or unpaid accounts that require court action to ensure payment.

Financing and Business Financing

All businesses need financing at some point. Whatever the reason (to purchase equipment, construct a building for the business, acquire or develop additional business, expand an existing building, move operations, develop a new product, etc.) or the amounts involved, our counsel will assist you throughout the process to advise or represent you during negotiations, while providing you with the tools needed to close a transaction that meets your expectations.

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Whether you are a franchisee or franchisor, our legal advisors will guide you by explaining the concepts, manners and customs applicable in the field of franchising, as well as current usage and trends and prohibited practices.

We can draft and negotiate the required documents to establish or acquire a franchise and offer related services in-house or via external specialists as needed (publication of patents, trademarks, real estate mortgages, etc.)

Business Acquisition and Sale

Whether you are looking to sell or acquire an existing business, we will assist you from drafting or receiving a bid to identifying any pitfalls to be avoided, essential facts you should know before making or accepting the offer, critical terms to be included in any offer, sale or purchase contract, and crucial steps you to take before entering into such a transaction.

Throughout the process, we will be your ally and go-to expert to complete a transaction that serves your true interests. We will work in close collaboration with your financial advisors, tax specialists, and notaries to ensure that the transaction will protect your immediate and future interests.

We can coordinate with various stakeholders and draft all documents required for the transaction from start to closing, when the documents are signed by all parties.

Commercial Law

Whether you are in a partnership or operate a real or incorporated company, our legal advisers offer consulting and representation services to reflect your needs in terms of the legal structure and organization of your business, including:

  • Identifying the best legal structure to operate your business. Please note that over time, this can often change according to the evolution of your business. It is therefore important to consult periodically (every two years) with a qualified legal consultant who will analyze your situation to determine whether your needs and concerns are being met by your legal structure.
  • Drafting contracts between all kinds of partners and shareholders: agreements for sharing spending among professionals, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements (partnership, participation, joint venture).
  • Drafting legal documents required for working purposes, estate planning, business succession, employee participation plan, etc. with your tax specialists and financial planners.
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