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Estate Law Attorneys

Estate Law Attorneys

When there is a death in the family, survivors not only have to deal with the loss, they are also left with the difficult task of handling the estate liquidation of and division of property of the deceased. The rules differ depending on whether the deceased had left a will or not. How do you verify the existence of a will? Who takes care of the house and necessary payments while waiting? Who is eligible to do so? What are their responsibilities?

Moreover, simply having a will is not enough – you also need to make sure it is the last will and that it is proper and valid before it executed.

What happens if the appointed liquidator does not perform their task, or tends to favour someone over someone else?

What can we do if there is reason to believe that a person has influenced the testator in order to gain an advantage in the will? Are there remedies to overturn the will?

If there is no will, who are the heirs? How is the estate divided? Who is the liquidator? Can someone simply keep any bank accounts or transfer them into their name?

If the deceased leaves a wife or child, how will they survive without the help of the deceased? Is it possible to get financial assistance? For how long?

What happens if nothing is done or if someone simply takes everything?


These are questions and situations that the lawyers at La Boîte Juridique can assist you with. Contact us for more information.

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