Tax Law Attorneys

Do you disagree with a federal or provincial tax authority regarding your income taxes or other taxes? Have your subcontracting expenses been refused? Is the government attempting to regard your subcontractors as employees rather than self-employed workers?

Are you a director of a company that has ceased operations? Are you suddenly the subject of a claim by tax authorities for source deductions or unpaid sales taxes?

The legal advisors at La Boîte Juridique will lend you a hand in order to enforce your rights and remedies during an audit, investigation or negotiations with Revenu Québec and its Canadian counterpart, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as before the courts for review of an assessment, taxes on interest, penalties or fines.


Whether you are an individual, business, self-employed or an incorporated company, La Boîte Juridique will also help you to dispute an assessment through an objection or a legal challenge in the courts. Finally, La Boîte Juridique will support you to challenge tax authority recovery measures such as seizures, mortgages and oppositions to bankruptcy discharge, among others.

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