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Médiation 360 in Gatineau : alternative dispute resolution

Before or during a conflict, we must act and protect the interests of the family in spite of significant changes in life. Before everything explodes, Médiation 360 offers support from a lawyer-mediator who can competently handle the legal management of your family or even a working group.

With his legal services, you'll be able to determine appropriate measures to protect your rights and even maintain a relationship of trust with the other important person. To solve your problems amicably, with Médiation 360 you can choose to undertake several processes like : family mediation, negotiation, collaborative family law or legal representation.

Since 2002, Mr. Dorlette has specialized primarily in family law and alternative dispute resolution. In addition to being a certified mediator, Mr. Dorlette has had the occasion to teach communication, leadership, business relationships and conflict management. Moreover, from 2007 to 2014, he has shared his passion for mediation with law students at the University of Ottawa. He also teaches the co-parenting training offered by the Ministry of Justice of Quebec. For more information, please call 
1-866-536-5140, option 4 or visit

Today, his experience allows him to conclude that in a conflict, it is imperative to create a working structure to explore all possible winning solutions. Médiation 360 therefore gives its customers the opportunity to sincerely respond to their needs.

Meditation 360 is a service that is offered exclusively by 
La Boîte Juridique.

Take this opportunity to create options and a solution! COMMUNICATION. OPTIONS. SOLUTION! MEDIATION 360.


Mediation in case of divorce or conflict


Support and protection of your family are essential if you go through a difficult period.

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